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PowerWalker UPS on Fedora Server 36

I recently bought a UPS for my small server setup. Setting it up to automatically shutdown my system in case of a power outage wasn’t that hard. Here is how.

Thumbor 7

I’m happy to announce the newest version of thumbor 7.0.0! It got release a while ago, but I didn’t had time to update my docker images mvhirsch/thumber sinc...

New Home

I’m excited to tell you: I do have a new home (virtually)! Today I started to migrate my website to, professionalizing my persona...

Stay Healthy

In times like this it’s always hard to keep motivated and healthy. COVID-19 (aka Corona) is still spreading, some people might live in fear, other people jus...

Better Caching on CI

Build duration is annoyingly slow? Welcome to caching. In our .gitlab-ci.yaml it’s just a matter of

Thumbor Docker image for web performance

In the last few days I was looking for a service, which should speed up my company’s website performance. One thing I needed, was a image optimization tool, ...

#WeAreDevs Vienna 2018

So, last week I went to the #WeAreHiring; no wait a sec’, that’s not it’s real name. Give me a second … #WeAreAdvertising? Oh, it’s just WeAreDevelopers Worl...